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30 Min. Lessons

1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 3+),   Voice (ages 5+),   Violin (ages 3+)

Fanny D

With her background as a classically trained musician and her years of experience as a performer in pop and folk bands, Fanny has always been passionate about mixing and  exploring different styles of music.  
Whether you’re looking to work on your vocal technique for a Broadway or rock song, discuss  how to make a classical piano piece come to live more, expand you violin repertoire with fiddle music or learn skills to start songwriting, Fanny enjoys including new elements in her lessons and shaping a different program for every student. 
If you choose to study vocals with her, she can help you with pronunciation of other languages for certain songs. If you just started playing the piano, you  might be interested in trying out a new sound and play around with electronics, or learn how to  use Garageband for your practice or ideas. If you are interested in violin or viola, you can ask her about different types of folk music to add to your repertoire.
Fanny loves working with people and children of all ages. She is passionate about building  confidence through playing music, encouraging students to find the joy in music or using it as  a tool to express how you feel. 

Month to month

Tuesday at Bethlehem

Month to month

Thursday at Coopersburg