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Piano (ages 3+),   Violin (ages 3+),   Flute (ages 7+),   Saxophone (ages 8+),   Trumpet (ages 8+),   French Horn (ages 9+),   Trombone (ages 9+),   Tuba (ages 9+),   Cello (ages 8+),   Clarinet (ages 8+),   Viola (ages 6+)

Julia F

Julia (B.Mus in Music Education) teaches band and orchestra instruments at the lesson center. She has been teaching private lessons for a number of years now in addition to teaching band and orchestra at a public school full time. Her main instruments are violin and saxophone, but she frequently teaches any and all band instruments. She also specializes in jazz, which was part of her concentration in college. She is currently beginning her master's studies in music education as well. She prides herself on building connections of students of any age or skill level and instilling an enjoyment and love of music in everyone she teaches.

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